Virtual Furniture V’s Real Furniture/Staged

So, when you are trying to sell your property one of the biggest, and most difficult, things to do is to go from “LIVE MODE” to “SELL MODE”.  And this just isn’t in the way that you think about your property, but also in the way that it is presented.

When trying to achieve the VERY BEST you can in the market, the way a property “FEELS” is more important sometimes than what its vital statistics are (e.g. number of bedrooms, bathrooms and car accommodation).

Remember, you are trying to make the property “FEEL” like the potential buyers NEW HOME – not your old home.  No matter what the sort of property is, it is about trying to make your property into the potential buyers DREAM HOME.

This is where presentation and styling really can make a huge difference.  Have you ever walked in to a builders’ display home and noticed how they are presented and displayed?  They have tasteful and well considered furniture and presentation pieces to showcase each, and every room.  They are light, bright, airy and feel spacious.  They have the main furniture pieces, some dressing pieces, and nothing else.

This is why property styling has become a whole new industry unto itself.  Sure, having “virtual furniture” placed into your photos can make them look great on the internet or in your marketing, but then the buyers arrive at the property to find there is no furniture, or worse.  This is the time that you want to make the best impression, not have a potential buyer disappointed.  This is the time when this buyer is asking themselves, can my family live here?  Do we like it, or do we LOVE it? The difference between a potential buyer liking your property or LOVING your property, as a seller, means $$$ in your contract price.

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My wife and I were recently in the market to buy a new home for ourselves, and when we walked in to this one and my wife said “Ooooh, pretty….” I knew it was all over. We paid more than what we said we were willing to, because we loved this house. And that’s with our combined real estate industry experience of over 30 years…