Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Summer

Summer has already been teasing us with its warmer weather and longer days. But whilst you might be ready for summer, your home might not be.

Flooring changes

You won’t need those woolly rugs in summer, roll them up and store them for the wintery months when you want to create a cozy feeling. (you may want to protect them against moths here)

It’s also a good time to give the carpet a good clean by the professionals to pick up all the dust, make them smell fresh and look their best.


Your home will already be instantly warmer with the stronger sun beaming in through the windows, so keep lights to a bare minimum to keep the temperature down. Do you have energy saving bulbs Installed? They produce minimal heat.

Added bonus: Your electricity bill will decrease ☺


Adding greenery to the home is an instant way to bring the outside in. It makes everything look fresh and there are endless options from hanging ceiling pots, to installing a vertical gardens if you have enough budget. Talk with your local garden centre for their advice.


It’s strange how quickly your house can get cluttered with things, that’s why you should make decluttering a seasonal to-do to reduce the build up. If you can’t part with some things, think about a creative way to re-use it. Box and store things ready to bring out when you wish to swap around. Click here for our 12 genius decluttering tips 

Repair fly screens

Perhaps the only annoying thing about summer is the mosquitoes and other insects that seem to find any way to get into the home. Before it becomes a problem, install fly screens or repair holes in existing screens and seal the edges of screen doors. That way you can get relief from the lovely cool summers night breeze.

Pack away the winter clothes

It’s time to put away all the jumpers, heavy jackets and boots. You won’t need them this summer plus it frees up a lot of extra space for the items you’ll wear regularly during summer. Again, protect against moths.

Garden maintenance

Keeping your garden healthy throughout a hot summer will be your biggest challenge here.

Watering the roots (not the leaves) is crucial and consider using water crystals to help with water retention. In addition to watering, adding compost at regular intervals or potting mix will help fight pests and diseases. Just don’t let water to pool which can attract mosquitoes.

Get your pool in tip-top shape

Whilst we’re talking about the garden, don’t forget the swimming pool. It needs love and attention to get it back into good health, ready for people to swim in.

Maintaining the correct pH level is important and it’s best to take a sample to the pool shop, where they can recommend the correct concoction of chemicals to keep it safe. Plus don’t forget to regularly scoop out the leaves and clean filters.

Update your outdoor entertaining area

Does your entertaining area need a bit of a facelift? It’s not as hard as you may think. Adding a bar with a simple tabletop can work wonders, also consider an inbuilt BBQ area, bench seating, hanging plants, lighting and more.

If you already have outdoor furniture, the last 12 months of weather could mean it needs a fresh coat of lacquer or paint.

Original Ideas from Airtasker Blog