Kerrie Saverin

A true community advocate Kerrie grew up on an acreage property in Ormeau and has supported the local community for nearly 30 years.  A former Beenleigh High School graduate and a former Cane Queen Charity entrant, Kerrie is now a current board member of the Beenleigh Yatala Chamber of Commerce  and a Board Member of Club Beenleigh 2 rolls that allow her to service the very community she knows so well.

Like any good real estate agent, Kerrie's passion for property started over 23 years ago her experience has  given her an invaluable insight into the suburbs that she now appreciates immensely in her role as a real estate sales professional.  To Kerrie it’s not about selling a house, it’s about helping people move on as their lives change and then creating a home for someone new. It’s about the people and marketing their situations, and in return clients can expect the best possible price for their property in their chosen time frame.

Her keen interest in the industry has helped her learn quickly and seen her being recognised as part of the top 15% of real estate agents nationally after just 3 short years. 

Kerrie enjoys the opportunity to meet new people and have a guided tour of the house they have turned into their home.
In a previous life Kerrie was the owner of a franchise coffee chain and in 2011 was a finalist in the James Fitzgerald Franchisee of the Year Award and winner of the Australian and New Zealand Excellence in Marketing for introducing marketing concepts to the franchise during the GFC that saw her business continue to increase by over 10 per cent in revenue and by 15 per cent in new and repeat customers.  It's this experience in business management and marketing that has helped her become a strong negotiator with excellent communication skills in the world of real estate.