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Virtual Furniture V’s Real Furniture/Staged

16 December 2020
So, when you are trying to sell your property one of the biggest, and most difficult, things to do is to go from “LIVE MODE” to “SELL MODE”.  And this… Read the full post

5 Ways To Make Your Tiny Bedroom Feel Bigger

15 December 2020
Small bedrooms can be difficult to decorate but they don’t need to cramp your style. Here are 5 must-know tips on how to live large in a small bedroom, ways to improve… Read the full post

How To Add Value To Your Home Before You Sell

15 December 2020
If you are planning on selling and want to get the best possible price, there are a few cheap and simple ways to update and Add Value To Your Home… Read the full post

5 Things To Avoid For A Successful Renovation

15 December 2020
Renovation, we're all at it! Recent years have shown an increase in DIY property developers and renovators. When altering a property for personal or financial gain, the key is to… Read the full post

7 Easy Ways To Make Eco-Friendly Homes

15 December 2020
Eco-friendly homes, going green doesn’t have to drastically change the way you live. Most eco-friendly changes are quite simple, but over time will make a positive lasting impact on the… Read the full post

Do These 7 Home Improvements Now – For A Spring Buyer Frenzy

15 December 2020
Spring is usually when house sales and rentals are at their peak and home improvements are in the air! Don't miss out, be ahead of the game by preparing with Home Improvements… Read the full post

12 Genius Decluttering Hacks

15 December 2020
Here are 12 genius decluttering hacks for every room in your home, to help you make your dream of a clutter-free home a reality. KITCHEN 1.    Reduce paper clutter by taking photos of… Read the full post

10 Ways To Update Your Kitchen In A Weekend

15 December 2020
Article: Homes to love We've probably all been there; tired of the look and feel of our kitchen but unable to take on a full renovation either because of time or… Read the full post