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Planning For The Unexpected

17 December 2020
It’s usually when a big ticket item fails – the most common being your Hot Water Service - that as an owner you will feel some very real financial pain… Read the full post

A Guide To Mould In Rental Properties

16 December 2020
What is mould? Mould is a form of fungus and is spread primarily by airborne spores that will develop and grow on almost any surface providing the following conditions are… Read the full post

11 Steps to Professionally Market Your Rental Property

16 December 2020
11 steps to Professionally Market Your Rental Property 1.   Choices, choices Choosing a Property management company that suits your needs and to market your rental property is the first step… Read the full post

Queensland and the Proposed Rental Reforms

16 December 2020
The rights of renters and property owners in Queensland are set for an overhaul this year, rounding out state government rental reforms across the eastern seaboard. In 2018, both the… Read the full post

10 Ways To Get Your Property Leased – Fast

16 December 2020
To fill your vacancy and get your property leased you need to advertise the property, sounds simple but you’ll see that you need a complete process to be effective. You… Read the full post

13 Ways to Ensure Your Property Is Rental Ready

15 December 2020
It’s not a lie, tenants these days are spoilt for choice. With so much new investor style construction, how do you make sure your property is the one they choose? Obviously, cleanliness,… Read the full post