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10 Ways To Get Your Property Leased – Fast

16 December 2020
To fill your vacancy and get your property leased you need to advertise the property, sounds simple but you’ll see that you need a complete process to be effective. You… Read the full post

Secure Your Property – It’s Your Tenants Home!

15 December 2020
7 REASONS TO SECURE YOUR HOME 1. Provide an extra level of safety Tenants either have families or live on their own so the added protection of security door’s and… Read the full post

10 Good Reasons To Consider Renting To a Pet Owner

15 December 2020
Did you know that over 60% of Australian households own a pet? Now what’s also interesting is that many landlords and managing agents to have a ‘no pets’ policy on… Read the full post

Top Tips To Boost Rental Yield

15 December 2020
15 Ways to maximise your rental profits 1. Add solar The advantages of adding solar to your property may not result in obtaining more $$$ per week but lies within… Read the full post

7 Reasons Why You Need To Get Those Faults Fixed

15 December 2020
Tenants have an issue? – No, you do! Keeping a tenant happy in your property is fundamental to maintaining a long-term relationship. It’s more like a marriage than a date… Read the full post

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