Gardening is one of the healthiest and most relaxing hobbies one could ever have. Garden maintenance in Queensland is especially worthy of your time. You can take a small space – such as a courtyard, patio, balcony or front yard – as an opportunity to get creative with maximising the space available to you.

Space-saving solutions, such as vertical gardens, statement pot plants and climbing plants, are all perfect for pushing the boundaries of even the smallest yard. All you need is a bit of imagination and these small garden design ideas to transform a small patch into an urban oasis.


One large potted plant will have more impact than lots of small ones. There’s plenty of stunning feature plants that lend themselves to this application.


We all know that a strategically placed mirror can dramatically increase the perception of space and amplify greenery. This tried and true interior design principle can certainly be applied to small outdoor gardens to great effect.


Vertical gardens aren’t just totally trendy, but they’re a super convenient option if your garden is short on space. They can be grown indoors and out, in courtyards or on balconies. Wherever you put it, it’s sure to bring some wow to your wall.

Opt to style your vertical garden with ferns, edibles or flowers for whatever look you’re going for.


Climbing plants like ivy or star jasmine can be trained to climb up a grid of stainless-steel wires to soften a wall and add another layer to your outdoor garden. The wall behind could also be painted in a dark neutral colour to make the wall visually recede and the green foliage to stand out.


  • Choose the best-quality potting mix you can afford. You get what you pay for and a quality potting mix will help your plants grow better for longer.
  • Potted plants lose moisture much more quickly than in-ground plants so monitor moisture levels regularly. If the top layer is dry and dusty, it’s time to water; if it feels moist and sticks to your finger, leave it a day or so. Self-watering pots are a great idea as plants will draw on the water supply as needed. Reduce the amount of moisture loss by applying a few centimetres of fine bark mulch.
  • Well-fed plants look healthier, are more productive and are also better able to resist pests and diseases. You can either use liquid plant foods on a regular basis or controlled-release fertilisers that release nutrients slowly over time. Choose a method that best suits your gardening style.


Whether you plan to plunk it in a shady spot in the backyard, or tuck it away on the back porch or patio, an outdoor bar is not only extremely practical, but, if done right, will look great. This wet bar from Rugged Concepts is perfect. They are available in a range of options and styles.

Below are some other relevant but often overlooked points to consider when planning a small space garden.

  • Maximise green space by utilising vertical surfaces or hanging pots.
  • Mix different foliage textures and colours to create interest: try combining fine-leafed species with glossy plants, or succulents with grasses.
  • Maximise ground space with some built-in seating .
  • Think about how big the plants will be when fully grown: you don’t want to overwhelm the area.
  • Local wildlife like possums and native birds often depend on certain plants – hardy natives such as Banksia ‘Birthday Candles’, grevillea and Callistemon (bottle brush) are ideal.