Secure Your Property – It’s Your Tenants Home!


1. Provide an extra level of safety

Tenants either have families or live on their own so the added protection of security door’s and security screens is a huge bonus for them.
Your property is always in competition with many others, so why not have a great point of difference!

2. Keep those bugs at bay

Mosquitoes and Cockroaches are just 2 of the critters that we need to keep out of our houses, the local moggy also needs to be kept at bay, security screens and doors are the answer whilst allowing for that delightful afternoon breeze to cool the house.

Secure your property - It's your tenant's home!

3. Reduce electricity costs

Security screens offer a safe connection to the outdoors, good airflow enables the tenant to be able to not rely on air-conditioning to keep cool, reducing their running costs at the same time wear and tear on the appliance. Win – Win. Some say that screens from Crim-Safe offer better airflow!

4. Keep the airflow moving

Breathing in fresh air is so important to our health and the health of our family, a regular air change in a home is a very good idea, keeping a home fresh!

5. Add value to your property

You can add value to your home with good quality security screens and doors, the cost is tax deductible (speak with your accountant) and if you need to sell, you have a desirable home from the start with less buyer objections.

6. Increase desirability

Tenants have a lot of choice, so why give them reason not to choose yours? Security screens and doors are now becoming a new basic requirement with many tenants telling us that they wouldn’t choose a home without them!

7. Attract more tenants and keep them happy

So, if you have a desirable home that offers great security you will have a greatly improved chance of attracting more tenants to apply and so attracting a premium price from tenants who’ll wish to stay longer.

If you have a property in Brisbane that you would like to consider engaging a new property management team for, please feel free to contact Paul Tooze directly on 0414 037 007 or the friendly team at All Properties Group (07) 3800 0988.
Otherwise, we hope you have enjoyed these insider tips.

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