How to Apply For a Rental Property

Before applying for a rental property, you should always inspect the property first.

This is a very exciting time! Once you have decided which property you would like to rent, you will then need to complete a tenancy application form or apply online via 1Form, our preferred online application provider.

Make a good impression

To give yourself the best chance of success it’s important to make a good impression with the landlord or agent.

To make a good impression:

  • dress to impress
  • be on time or early for inspections
  • introduce yourself and answer questions politely
  • have a list of any questions you want to ask about the property

When applying for a property, the property agent will be contacting references provided by you. Ensure, the references are aware they will be contacted.

Completing applications

Once you find a rental property you like, you will need to complete an application. It’s a good idea to have all of the documentation you need to apply for a rental property ready when you start your property search and to bring copies of these documents with you when you inspect a property.

Documentation examples:

  • Drivers license
  • Medicare card
  • Current payslips

Complete your online application as quickly as possible as there will be other people wanting to apply for the property also. This can increase your chances of getting the property you want.


If your application is approved, the agent will make contact and you will be required to pay rent in advance, being two weeks rent and 4 weeks rental bond.

6 week rent in total.

To gain 100 points of identification:

  • 40 Points Driver’s License
  • 30 Points Current Rent History
  • 40 Points Passport/Photo I.D
  • 20 Points Point Bank Statement
  • 30 Points Birth Certificate
  • 20 Points Phone, Gas, Electricity Bill
  • 30 Points Last 3 Rent Receipts
  • 10 Points Current M.V Rego Papers
  • 30 Points Last 3 Pay Slips
  • 10 Points ATM, Credit Card, Etc