Moving to a New Home? 7 Pros & Cons of Hiring a Professional

Moving to a new home is a big life event. You might be riding the emotional rollercoaster of buying your first home. Or moving to a new area. Or perhaps you’ve decided to upsize or downsize. Whatever the reason for the move, there’s always a lot going on. It’s natural that you’ll have lots of questions. And one of the biggest is whether it’s better to hire a mover or use a mobile storage box to do it yourself.

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The DIY moving route is a tricky area. For example, the advantages of selling your home with an agent rather than doing it yourself are clear. But the benefits of hiring a mover (or not, as the case may be) aren’t always quite as easy to see. So let’s make things more simple. Let’s take a look at 7 of the biggest pros and cons of using a moving service when moving to a new home.

1. Security

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Pro: Professional movers are just that; professional. They do this for a living. They’ve (hopefully!) had proper training. And they have access to special tools that allow them to do their job well. All while reducing the risk of damage to your beloved items. In most cases, your items will be in very good hands.

Con: Despite all the best training and tools, movers lack one critical thing: an emotional attachment to your personal items. This means they may not be as gentle as you would be. Damages can happen. Bond Cleaning says that glassware and electronics are the most likely to be damaged during a move.

2. Time


Pro: One of the best things about a removals service is that they handle all aspects of moving for you. This can reduce your workload. And leave you with more time to plan for the event. Handing off an entire aspect of moving to a new home to someone else can be a lifesaver when you’re busy.

Con: When someone else is handling everything for you, you easily fall out of the loop. It can become very difficult to keep up with any changes to the plan when you’re not in the middle of it all. And you might feel a bit disconnected. This is your move… shouldn’t you be the one in control?

3. Effort

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Pro: When choosing a full moving service, movers will do it all for you. They’ll take apart all furniture. They’ll pack everything. You won’t have to lift a finger. This can be great if you aren’t really sure what you’re doing. Or you’re worried about hurting yourself. Or if you just don’t have the time or energy.

Con: The big downside to this is that you lack oversight. You don’t see what’s going on. This makes it very hard to have complete peace of mind that your items are being handled well. It might sound silly, but with the stress of a big move, peace of mind can really help to keep you calm.

4. Cost


Pro: It’s not just the upfront cost to think of. It’s also associated costs. Insurer IAG says that the average cost of replacing a damaged gadget is $5000. So people like the fact that moving companies have top-notch insurance policies. This means you won’t be out of pocket if an item is broken.

Con: You’ll pretty much always pay more for a moving service than doing it yourself. Energy supplier Red Energy surveyed Australian home movers. They found that those who used a moving service paid an average $2009. That’s a lot compared to the $782 average spent by those doing a DIY move.

5. Supplies

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Pro: Moving companies have it all. Maybe you need cardboard boxes. Or bubble wrap. Or packing tape. A moving firm will have all the things you need. And it will all be included in the quoted price. There’s no need for you to spend time or money sourcing these items yourself. Which can be a lot off your plate!

Con: Do you really need these items? Some people will. Others won’t. There is a fast-growing trend to use home items as packing materials. Things like suitcases, storage containers, bags, blankets, and even items of clothing. If you have these things, you could be paying for moving materials you don’t need.

6. Scheduling


Pro: There are lots of different things that all need to come together to create a successful move. The vehicle, the crew, the tools. And even the overnight stay if you’re moving long-distance. A removals company arranges it all. You don’t ever have to worry about getting it all booked in for a certain date.

Con: House moves don’t always go to plan! Maybe there have been hiccups in the legal process. Or perhaps small issues have popped up that means you have to delay your move. With a moving service, there’s often no flexibility. You might end up having to pay a rather hefty cancellation fee.

7. Safety

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Pro: If you choose a well known and well-regarded moving service, you can be sure that your payment is handled in the proper way. And that your personal data is protected under local law. And that you’ll be looked after during your move. You can be sure that you’re staying safe when you move.

Con: Sadly, not all removals companies are above board. In fact, there have been some reports of people losing their money or items after falling for a scam. This is a serious problem in Australia.  The Queensland Government even states that ‘upfront payments can be risky’ for this exact reason.

Take the Stress out of Moving to a New Home

Moving to a new home should be fun and exciting. Don’t let stress ruin it. By thinking about the pros and cons of using a moving service, and choosing an option that you feel comfortable with, you can help to keep the stress at bay. Do what’s right for you, and take the stress out of moving to a new home.

Renee GoBox

Renee Wainwright is the gobox Mobile Storage Manager whose years of experience in the industry allow her to provide customised and tailored mobile storage solutions to suit residential, business and corporate customer’s storage and moving needs.