13 Ways to Ensure Your Property Is Rental Ready
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13 Ways to Ensure Your Property Is Rental Ready

It’s not a lie, tenants these days are spoilt for choice. With so much new investor style construction, how do you make sure your property is the one they choose? Obviously, cleanliness, presentation, layout, location and functionality are basic necessities.  But owners that are willing to go the extra mile are the ones that get the tenants. 

So, here are our 13 Tips that will increase the value of your property and appeal to more prospective tenants..

1. Hot? You Need Air conditioning

Aussie summers, boy they are harsh, especially in Queensland where it’s so humid… air-conditioning seems to be a must. Rental properties with air conditioning are always sought after. And the cost is claimable!

2. A gentle cooling - Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are inexpensive and look good adding a ton of value to rental properties. They’re cheap to run and are really good at night.

3. Safe and secure? Get Security screens

They are a necessity in Australian summers. Not only does a lockable security screen provide added protection to your property and the tenants family, screens doors and windows keep the property ventilated, keep out bugs, keep power bills down, and keep your tenant happy.

4. Internet accessibility & speed

Internet service! When do we want it? NOW! It’s as important as running water in this age,  find out if you need to do anything to help your prospective tenant. Can you obtain NBN for instance?


5. Electrical outlets around the property

Ample power points, especially around the TV points, are a continual problem. There is just so much to plug in!

6. TV aerial for more channels

Making sure that you have a high-quality aerial that can receive all those new channels is a must.


7. Phone line to the property

Make sure you have an active phone line to your property, you need to appeal to all ages not just the Netflix generation.

8. Who wants to hand wash, get a Dishwasher

They don’t cost a fortune on appliances to really bump up the kitchen appeal. Even a budget dishwasher will do the job better than no dishwasher at all. It’s no longer a luxury, so common these days many people won’t even consider a property without one.

9.  More TV points

Yes, the lounge is sorted, but what about a couple extra? The master bedroom and kitchen spring to mind.

10. Fence that yard

Great for privacy and safety. A family with young kids probably won’t bother looking at the inside if there is no fence around the outside, they are pet safe and can offer a degree of prestige.

11. Are You Pet-friendly

Tenants looking for a home for their fur babies are not well catered for so here you have the opportunity to give yourself appoint of difference. Just take a look at www.homeswithsoul.com.au

12. Parking area

Not all properties provide designated parking, so if you can offer tenants a garage, carport, or plenty of driveway space, you’ll give yourself the upper hand.

13. Install Solar panels

The advantages of adding solar to your property may not result in obtaining more $$$ per week but lies within boosting the desirability of your home over homes without solar. We all want cheaper electricity, right? This could be one way to make your property stand out.

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