How To Add Value To Your Home Before You Sell

If you are planning on selling and want to get the best possible price, there are a few cheap and simple ways to update and Add Value To Your Home without having to renovate.

1. Professionally clean

Suzanne Gorman of Studio Gorman says, “A professional external clean will entice buyers. Have the walls washed, windows cleaned, and the gutters tidied. The stunning result will mean money well spent”

2. DIY Clean

De-cluttering before inspections is key – empty and cull your cupboards, wash walls, doors and skirting boards, and dust the tops of cupboards and other decorative details.

3. Entry Way

You want to make your home inviting, and the entryway provides a preview of what is to come in the rest of the house. You want potential buyers to feel an instant connection with the home.

You can freshen up your entryway by painting the walls, installing a pendant light, adding wall hooks for bags and hats, adding a new doormat or a potted plant. Even small changes can lighten the mood.

4. Stage

A simple interior is easier for buyers to process, but you need to ensure that it still has some personality. Sometimes adding a few simple items to a coffee table such as books and flowers can sometimes be enough.

To convey the sense of luxury that buyers are after try using French soaps, colourful cushions and plush towels in on-trend colours such as bottle green, blush or coral.

5. Make Space

Well-utilised spaces are an asset, and make your property aesthetically pleasing and appear relaxed and functional. Create the feeling of space by using warm colours throughout, replacing your large furniture pieces with smaller ones, and clearing away any clutter.

6. Lighting

The right combination of mood and task lighting is vital when presenting your home. Try dimming the lights to show potential buyers they are all working while evoking warmth and ambience.

7. Walls

A neutral canvas helps potential buyers to picture their own belongings in your home. Painting a fresh coat of white paint instantly makes a home feel brighter and larger.

8. Smaller Details

There are many small low-cost changes that add massive appeal such as updating cabinetry knobs and light fittings with more contemporary versions.

9. Style

There is a difference between styling your own home and one that you are trying to sell. Your home reflects your taste, but when selling you should style to speak to your buyer. If you need help with this there are a number of property stylists that can advise on everything from furniture placement to de-cluttering.  

What a great way to Add Value To Your Home

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