DIY: Australian Christmas Wreaths


Article: Interiors Online

Christmas in Australia is unique whereby we don’t celebrate it with snow falling, eggnog or indoors by the fire. While that kind of white Christmas is quintessential, here in we spend it outdoors, making the most of the summer weather, playing cricket or taking the whole family to the beach. 

Decorate for Christmas with an Australian twist on the traditional inclusions and get festive with this DIY guide to native Christmas wreaths. Move over birch garlands, holly and mistletoe, wattles and make way for bottlebrush, gumnuts and banksia.


• A decent sized table or space to work
• A wreath frame (pick up from any hardware or craft store)
• Florist tape/wire (if not, electrical tape or twine will do)
• A good selection of native flora, pick it from around your suburb or buy from the florist
• A rainy afternoon (when we feel our most crafty ;))


1. Separate shoots of flowers, nuts and leaves, leaving a reasonable-sized stem on each piece.

Use wattles and bottlebrush flowers for colour, or perhaps small bunches of gumnuts, banksia leaves and other sturdy native foliage. You can attach anything you wish so we encourage you to get creative! Forage around your neighbourhood to make a wreath that reflects your area, or if you’re looking for something specific, visit your nearest florist for enormous proteas, waratahs or kangaroo paws.

2. Make the leaves your base. Attach the flowers and nuts secondarily, working in a clockwise direction around the wreath. For both layers, thread the stems through the wire and tape to secure in place. For heavier foliage, use the wire and twist into place. Position leaves and blooms randomly for a relaxed look, same with hanging bunches and asymmetrical placement.

3. Use ribbon or wire to affix to the door or wall. You may need to look into removable hooks if you don’t have a brass knocker or central piece to attach the wreath.

Make sure you get creative and put your own flare into this project. It will smell amazing and using foliage from your natural surrounds will ensure you achieve the colours of the Australian Summer will be captured in your wreath.

All images sourced via Pinterest – click here to see originals and more inspired imagery to create your own Christmas Wreaths this summer! 

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