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How long have you been with APG?
The entire team at APG became incredibly lucky when I chose to add them to my extended family in August 2021.

What do you enjoy about working at APG?
I am the most personality-driven character I’ve ever known, and the best thing about being a part of the working team at APG for me is that they all appreciate me for exactly who I am, every day of the year. The energy and motivation that we all build and share as a collective definitely makes the office a pretty damn good place for me.

Working at APG All Properties Group has helped me achieve?
I’ll be honest, I think when I joined the APG family, it actually helped everyone achieve a better outlook on what each day can be. If you share a bit of laughter and only let the good things play a role in your day, everything will always be better.

What is the All Properties Group difference?
The biggest thing that differentiates All Properties Group from the other real estate agencies has gotta be the name… Oh, and the colour scheme.
Other than that, it’s the fact that we’re all incredibly different individuals that are encouraged to make our own mark, tell our own tales and become the success stories that we want to be.

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