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Decluttering Thought Of The Day – What If You Didn’t Throw Everything Away

12 January 2021
A decluttering thought a day keeps the mess away! With the rise in popularity of methods such as the Marie Kondo one, it’s so hard not to be pressured to… Read the full post

10 Reasons Why You Should Boost Your Property

16 December 2020
Everyone wants to live in a presentable, clean and functional home, somewhere you’d be proud to invite family and friends over. Sometimes your investment becomes available to the market, and… Read the full post

Does Landscaping Increase Property Value?

16 December 2020
Many people ask the question, does landscaping increase property value? The answer is a profound yes. Landscaping is one of the best things a homeowner can do outside of a… Read the full post

Top Tips To Boost Rental Yield

15 December 2020
15 Ways to maximise your rental profits 1. Add solar The advantages of adding solar to your property may not result in obtaining more $$$ per week but lies within… Read the full post

13 Ways to Ensure Your Property Is Rental Ready

15 December 2020
It’s not a lie, tenants these days are spoilt for choice. With so much new investor style construction, how do you make sure your property is the one they choose? Obviously, cleanliness,… Read the full post

7 Reasons Why You Need To Get Those Faults Fixed

15 December 2020
Tenants have an issue? – No, you do! Keeping a tenant happy in your property is fundamental to maintaining a long-term relationship. It’s more like a marriage than a date… Read the full post

Landscaping For Any Size Backyard

15 December 2020
Setting up your outdoor space starts with getting your landscaping right. No matter what size backyard you have, you can make the most of the available space and live the… Read the full post

12 Genius Decluttering Hacks

15 December 2020
Here are 12 genius decluttering hacks for every room in your home, to help you make your dream of a clutter-free home a reality. KITCHEN 1.    Reduce paper clutter by taking photos of… Read the full post

Smoke Alarm Compliance 2022 – The date is getting closer

15 December 2020
Smoke Alarm Compliance 2022 - It's Your Responsibility Some Stats There is currently a whopping 300,000 rental properties leased and vacant in the Brisbane area, there are a diminishing number… Read the full post

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