A Step by Step Guide to Find Your Dream Rental Home


The demand for rental properties in Australia has continued to rise in recent months.
The property market is witnessing substantial adjustments in demand and supply as a result of
the COVID-19 pandemic. Households are currently concerned about poor labour market
conditions, job losses, and economic instability.
They have already depleted their funds or are consolidating to save more throughout the crisis.
As a result, it’s only natural that their spending priorities change away from items like purchasing
a new home.
In reality, in the aftermath of the global health crisis, many Australians are adopting the “renting”
strategy to save money and ensure their financial future.

As a result, finding your ideal rental can be difficult. But fret not, here are some super smart ways
you can still score your dream rental home.

Set a budget

Before you go out looking for your ideal rental house, figure out what price range you can afford. Make sure to rule out properties outside of that price range, as this will save you time from wasting time reviewing property listings you can’t afford.

It’s critical to be practical when determining your rental budget, taking into account your current financial situation as well as what you can afford in the future.

Consider other costs, such as utility bills, the cost of living in the place you want to live in, the cost of the move, and so on, in addition to the monthly rental you pay. The first step to finding a rental apartment you can afford is to be practical in your financial planning.

Prepare all your documents


Here’s an insider tip: start looking for a rental home even before you start looking for one.

To begin, double-check that you have the proper documents. A properly filled-out application form, references, proof of job or payslips, cover letter, and proof of ID.

Go to 1form and make sure everything is in order. Have all of the necessary information, such as correct property and agent information, paystubs, a bio, and a photo of yourself.

Submit all of these to your real estate agent to give the appearance that you are serious about renting.

This planning could be the deciding factor in whether or not you are successful in your rental application.

Read through your application

If you submit an application that is incomplete or full of flaws, you will be doomed to fail. Real estate brokers are overworked, and having to chase you down for information may turn them off.

Landlords and property managers review the applications and select the best ones, ensuring that they are complete and correctly completed.

To put it another way, landlords are searching for tenants who are responsible, have the financial stability to pay their rent on time, and will not harm the property. A properly completed application form can reveal a lot about all of these issues.

Define your target location


In order to choose the ideal rental home, you must first determine where you want to live. If you’re looking for rentals in Sydney CBD for instance, you know you’ll be well connected. But other suburbs are perhaps less so.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Is the site convenient to modern conveniences?
  • Is there a good public transit system?
  • Is it close to your workplace or in a good school district?

When it comes to finding the proper place, figure out what you can compromise on and what is most important to you. Each factor has its own set of tradeoffs to consider.

You might, for example, come upon a rental property in the heart of a city with convenient amenities. However, the high rental fee due to its location may be a tradeoff.

Renting a house in a desirable area may be more expensive in terms of rental payments and living expenses, but choosing a remote location means paying more for transportation and other comforts.

As a result, it’s critical to map out the place to see which is the best option for you.

Schedule inspections

Before you sign on the dotted lines, you must inspect the rental property.

While the property may appear to be your dream house in images, the reality may be quite different.

As a result, scheduling an inspection to see what you’re applying for is critical. Look out for things like the condition of the home, mould, and working outlets.

Furthermore, until you inspect the property, the property management may refuse to finalise the application.

During these inspections, you may also be able to spot existing issues and bring them to the landlord’s attention. Who knows, you might be able to use it as a bargaining chip in your next rental agreement!

Wrapping up

Finding your ideal rental property may need a little research, a little luck, and a lot of effort. However, if you follow these helpful hints, you’ll be a strong contender when it comes to choosing your ideal apartment.