7 Best Ways to Super Street Appeal

First impressions matter! Increasing the street appeal of your property will increase the chance of your property selling or renting faster and for a higher price. When potential buyers or renters inspect a property, they are thinking about how they will live in the space, so you want to remove any clutter and unappealing visual elements as possible to give your property the best possible chance.

1. A Welcoming Front Door

One of the first impressions of a house will be the front door, so consider painting your front door a quirky colour like red, but make sure it suits and is aesthetically pleasing. Or maybe even a replacement of your front door altogether is needed if your current one is ratty and old. Consider going bigger and wider as large doors add a touch of drama and grandeur.

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2. Replace Outdated Hardware

House numbers, the entry door lockset, a wall-mounted mailbox, and an overhead light fixture are all elements that can add style and interest to your home’s exterior street appeal. 

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3. Driveway Dress Ups

If your driveway is cracked or stained or has vegetation sprouting from it, you can upgrade it for curb appeal without doing a complete redo. First repair the cracks and stains (and kill the weeds), then pressure wash and perhaps dress it up by staining the concrete. If you need more room to move in your car or park, add stone, brick, or pavers to the sides of the drive to widen it with a decorative border. Establishing a crisp, clear shift between paved and unpaved surfaces can help to set off a driveway and enhance a landscape.

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4. A Manicured Lawn

This might mean you need to lay new turf or might mean simply mowing your lawn or might even mean fertilising your lawn and just making your lawn look great.

You obviously want to do this in the lead-up to your open houses and listing your property. You don’t want to wait until the end of the day and then you are like ” Oh my gosh, I’ve got open house tomorrow, I need the lawn to look awesome.”

So try and get to this ahead of time, head down again to your local Bunning’s or your local nursery, get some fertilizer for your lawn, spread it on there, make sure it’s constantly trim so it’s nice and lush and try to give it as much sunlight and as much help as possible,  and just make that lawn look green because people for some reason love green lawns. For optimum street appeal, you want to have that epic lawn were everyone in the neighborhood is like “oh my gosh his lawn is amazing”

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5. Lush Landscaping

A tidy and well kept front garden will always be super appealing. If a front yard is well maintained, it clearly shows buyers and renters that the owners take pride in their home and shows that the property has been well taken care of.

Pruning shrubs, mowing the lawn and nature strip, raking up fallen leaves, removing broken branches and dead plants, weeding, planting seasonal blooming flowers and mulching flower beds can work wonders in making your front yard attractive to passers by and potential buyers or renters.

If you don’t have a particularly green thumb an easy and cheap way to add some greenery to the front yard is to get low maintenance plants in pre-planted containers or window boxes from a nursery.

6. Clean Up The Mess

Want your place to have street appeal? Put stuff away! If you have a garden shed just chock all your stuff in there and don’t let buyers see it, especially in the front lawn, even in the back lawn, you don’t want people staring at and looking at all your kids dirty toys or the yoyo or the bike that’s been there for 10 years that you haven’t a moved that has weeds growing up it.

7. Light Up Your Life

Investing in outdoor lighting is something that’s going to make your property and your garden look amazing at night and can actually increase the appeal of that property.

The right landscape lighting can enhance the trees, shrubs, flowers or other features in your yard and provide security along a walkway or around a deck and provide premium street appeal. The easiest options are Low-voltage or Solar landscape lights

Low-voltage landscape lights operate at 12 volts, are safe to work with, energy efficient and easy to install and move. To install this type of system, simply follow the instructions that come with your kit. LED landscape lights also fall into this category.
Solar landscape lights require no wiring and must be installed in full sun to provide illumination at night.

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