10 Ways To Get Your Property Leased – Fast

To fill your vacancy and get your property leased you need to advertise the property, sounds simple but you’ll see that you need a complete process to be effective. You want the most $$$ per week and the shortest vacancy period right? No advertisement means no one knows about your property, meaning no rental income for you. But by advertising smartly you can have a wider pool of tenants to choose from and so achieve the best outcome for you.

If you have a rental property and don’t know where to start, here are our 10 Great ideas to quickly get your property leased.

1. It may seem obvious but list with a real estate agency

First and foremost, a real estate agency is the number one place you should advertise your rental property to get it leased quickly. They have all the contacts, databases and resources that you don’t, plus take the stress off your hands.

2. Focus on property presentation

After making sure your property is Rental Ready you now need to ensure it’s well-presented before you advertise. Clear guttering, trim hedges, mow and water the lawn, give the exterior a cosmetic makeover. A little time and effort will do to spruce up the curb appeal. If the property has current tenants, let them know you’re advertising so they can tidy up inside for the photos to enable it to be leased quickly.

10 Ways to get your property leased – fast

3. Use high-quality photos

Dodgy photos do you no favours. This is where quality counts the most. Skip the smartphone pics and just hire a professional, it’s worth it!

4. Floorplans, it just makes sense!

While you’re looking at photos get the floorplan done, for a small extra cost it makes sense to show what your property has got and in conjunction with the superb photos will encourage the tenant to visit your home. We have even had interstate and international clients apply directly using this method.

5. Attractive Signboard at the front of the Property

All Properties Group are proud to provide an attractive signboard free of charge this will certainly encourage any interested tenant to find out further information and book for the Open Homes..

6. Advert Copy – The script

When you choose an experienced and professional real estate company to look after the advertising of your property, they create a beautiful copy (property script) that presents your home in the best way possible. 

7. Advertising on rental websites

A professional real estate agent will advertise your property on all the major rental portals e.g. Domain.com.au, Realestate.com.au and some with specific interests like www.homeswithsoul.com.au which only market pet-friendly homes.

8. Use social media

Posting your rental property ad on Facebook to share it can be a surprisingly effective way of finding tenants. The power of social media is limitless, why not tap into it and use it to your advantage?

10 Ways to get your property leased – fast

9. Ensure Plenty of Open Homes

All Properties Group is dedicated to finding the right tenant for your property and we have an online booking system to handle tenant enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer multiple open home times and can quickly arrange for a property visit outside normal hours to assist tenants that need this.

10. Offer incentives

Homes that are pet-friendly, fenced, have private parking or had recent renovations added fans and/or air-conditioning are all big ticks in the rental market. But you may find that you are in a competitive area, against other properties for rent, here you need to think outside the box. Offering a weeks free rent, including garden/pool care or other incentives can all come into play if needed. Talk to your manager for advice at this stage.

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Otherwise, we hope you have enjoyed these insider tips.